Murder Mystery

Secrets in Blood - By Jack Cartwright

D. I. Freya Bloom transfers from the Met to Lincolnshire where she finds crimes that test her determination.

One for Sorrow - By Jack Cartwright

When a woman’s body is found murdered in a Lincolnshire forest one year after her death, DI Freya Bloom and her team must retrace the victim's last few days to understand what happened and why nobody reported her missing. But when Bloom and her team begin to unravel the entwined stories of Jane Blythe’s husband, colleagues, and friends, they soon discover that even the seemingly innocent have something to hide, and they’ll do anything to stop the truth from coming to light. Who had the means, the motive, and the opportunity? One For Sorrow is the stunning second book in the Wild Fens Murder Mystery series by Jack Cartwright. Filled with twists, peppered with romance, and flavoured with humour.

In Cold Blood - By Jack Cartwright

When the fog clears one December morning in Lincolnshire, the body of a young woman is discovered lying facedown in a field. Murdered in cold blood, the case falls to DI Freya Bloom and her team to unearth the sequence of events and bring the deadly truth to light. In the tiny settlement of Wasps Nest, Bloom must dig up the past to discover who Emma Blanch really was. Who had more to gain from her death? Who had more to lose? And how far will the killer go until his deadly secrets are buried forever? Set in the wild Lincolnshire fens, this British detective novel is a murder mystery with a touch of humour, a hint of romance, and a series of twists that will keep you guessing until you hear the final minute.

Suffer in Silence - By Jack Cartwright

When Abigail McGowan is reported missing in a bleak Lincolnshire blizzard, DI Freya Bloom and DS Ben Savage are called in to begin the hunt. With worsening weather and almost nothing to go on, the futile search begins. Search teams, dogs, and the local community all rally together to find Abigail McGowan. Until the moment they were all dreading happens and a body is discovered, discarded in an old disused drain. But when Abigail’s father announces that the body isn’t Abigail, the investigation takes a turn for the worse—and the turns just keep on coming. Suffer in Silence is the jaw-dropping fourth book in the Wild Fens Murder Mystery series by Jack Cartwright. Filled with twists, peppered with romance, and flavoured with humour.

If I Didn't Care - By Danielle Palli

Rue Brennan’s name means “regret” and “sorrow”. And by golly, she’s determined to live up to that name!

The Secret Keepers: Jack's Journal, Book 1 - By Nellie H. Steele

Dr. Catherine Kensie arrives at Dunhaven Castle in Scotland and begins experiencing strange phenomena.

Murder in the Tower: Jack's Journal Book 2 - By Nellie H. Steele

A centuries-old murder. An innocent man convicted. If you could change the past, would you? When Lady Catherine Kensie stumbles upon a sordid tale of murder on the estate’s grounds and learns her ancestor was convicted despite having an alibi, she’s determined to get to the bottom of things. While cautious estate manager, Jack Reid, isn’t sure there’s anything to be solved, he agrees to investigate. Together, the time-traveling duo slip back in time and become embroiled in the murder investigation and a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Can they save an innocent man’s life? Or will Dunhaven Castle claim another victim?