Science Fiction & Fantasy


Goblin Summoner, Book 1 - By Tracy Gregory

Gareth is dropped into a world where sorcerers draw magical power from a deck of cards.

Goblin Summoner, Book 2: Lichbane - By Tracy Gregory

Gareth saved his adopted home from the ravages of their ancient enemy. Not that anyone noticed. Whilst the city rebuilds, Gareth turns his attention towards a new goal, the upcoming grand tournament! If he’s going to compete Gareth will need to get stronger. Along with his friends, a former goddess, a deposed demon lord and their constantly annoyed watcher, he sets off on what sounds like an easy job. Nothing on Acamida is ever as it seems. As he strives to grow stronger, Gareth will learn secrets that threaten the nature of reality itself.

Goblin Summoner, Book 3: Godsword - By Tracy Gregory

Whisked away from Earth and dropped into a world filled with magic and wonder, Wildermount was the closest thing Gareth had to a home. Now it’s been destroyed, torn apart by twisted nightmares lashing out at the world around them. Fleeing to the arcane tower he discovered with friends and refugees alike in tow, Gareth finds himself involved in new peril. Something dark is corrupting the rainforest around the tower, and stopping it will involve traveling half the world away to a place unlike any he has come across yet. A land where the dead walk the streets as smokestacks blot out the sky. Gareth will need all the levels and experience points he can get if he’s going to survive in this new land.

Goblin Summoner, Book 4: Chimera Summoner - By Tracy Gregory

With the undead menace in the smoke ridden city of Thot-Ankor under control, Gareth returns to his dinosaur-infested home with his friends and plots his next move. Tasked with reactivating the world-spanning ancient weapon designed to destroy the gods, he will need to get stronger. Levels, cards, skills—he’ll need them all, and a tip-off from an undying lich sends him deep into the deadly jungle around his new home in search of strength. What Gareth finds will change everything he knows about deck building. He’ll need to put his newfound knowledge to the test as he finds himself traveling across the world to compete in a tournament beneath the desert sun.

Wake the Dead - Tracy Gregory

Bandit, duelist, hero--Jack had been many things in his life. When failure to stop a crazed cultist allowed eldritch nightmares to attack his home, Jack escaped with as many people as he could save, even though it meant leaving a friend. Now Jack’s come back to right that wrong and find out what happened to his home, a place where warlords, monsters, and cosmic terrors now battle for dominance. Thrown into a post-apocalyptic kingdom he blames himself for creating, Jack will come face-to-face with true darkness. To survive, Jack will need to increase his level and master the magical deck of cards that grant him his powers. New allies and new adventures await in the ruins of the ancient city.

The Crimson Gods: The Crimson Gods - By Chris M. Christian

When powerful siblings discover a terrifying truth, will they embrace a new destiny or turn to darkness?

The Ashen Prophecy - By Michael A. Morea

Magnus, Kera, and a mercenary outfit grapple with an ancient prophecy to stop a vengeful power.

Real-Time Starcommander, Book 1 – By Tracy Gregory

Yesterday a wannabe pro-gamer, today an alien admiral. Evan was desperate to hit the big time playing Star Commander, the world’s most popular real-time strategy game. While Evan works hard to get the pros to notice him, it's very different eyes that are captivated by Evan's progress. The Kirran Hegemony is at war. Outclassed at every step, the aliens turn to the most warlike race they know - humanity! Abducted from Earth, Evan finds himself fighting for his life, using his skills to command Hegemony forces in desperate battle. Now, helped by fellow humans, Evan must prove victory can be grasped from the jaws of impossible odds.

Real-Time Starcommander, Book 2 - By Tracy Gregory

From gamer to battlefield commander, the war grows! Recruited from Earth and tasked with putting his gaming skills to work commanding vast fleets of starships, Evan secured a victory considered impossible. Now, the Hegemony is asking him to repeat that accomplishment before the deadly forces of the Children consume their empire. Whilst searching for a suspected enemy base, Evan discovered a secret the Children are desperate to hide. One that will determine the entire course of the war. Victory will require winning in an entirely new theatre of battle. With a new suite of units at his fingertips, the ground assault begins!

Real-Time Starcommander, Book 3 - By Tracy Gregory

A dark shadow stretches out across the galaxy. Evan and his friends find themselves victorious but at a cost. The robotic children have been forced into a corner, fighting for every scrap of space they can. The war is at a stalemate, neither side able to strike the final blow. As Evan plans his next steps, something creeps across the universe. A new threat, one that the Children are all too familiar with, makes itself known with deadly consequences. Just as one war is ending, another begins, and Evan finds himself thrust back onto the frontlines. Evan and his fellow humans will need to deploy new units and strategies if they plan on surviving the opening salvos of the Biowar!

i-Symbiote– By M.J. Hall

In a time when anyone can be a technopath, he who controls data controls it all.

Level Up, Kaiju!: A LitRPG Adventure - By Tracy Gregory

Giant monsters are attacking, and no city is safe! When Drakon, king of the Kaiju, attacked his home, Eric’s life changed forever. With buildings crumbling around him and giant monsters battling for dominance, he thought he was a dead man. Saved by the sacrifice of another, Eric inherits a rare and powerful gift - the ability to transform into a Kaiju. Bonded with an AI control system and pressed into working for the United Nations, Eric stands as one of humanity’s last defenders against the Kaiju threat. First, he’ll need to grow in both power and stature if he wants to protect the Earth, defeating Kaiju and absorbing their skills and abilities. Power is not without cost, and the Kaiju he vanquishes linger as ghosts in his mind, each eager to take control of Eric’s body.

Fractured, The Sleeping Phoenix, Book 1 - By ishKiia Paige

Part 1 of a transformational journey in a large, in-depth, science-fiction fantasy epic series.

Nagodara, The Sleeping Phoenix, Book 2 - By ishKiia Paige

After saving Ayya in their first challenge instated multiverse-wide by the Dark One, Zreyas, Rittak and the Visages celebrate their success. Celebrations are short-lived when Zreyas and Rhom find out about some visage deceptions causing a clash of wills. Zreyas strikes out on his own with no means of transportation to Earth, many Universes away with no modern technology, away from what little technology has learned and still doesn’t understand, only to find out the Dark One uses the quantum to cheat in the challenge. As the Dark One unleashes a new weapon, Zreyas walks right into danger. He knows he must sabotage the Janquar to weaken the Dark One’s effort in order to keep Ayya safe and keep all of existence from blinking out.

The Neo War - By D Lucas

Peace brings us together. It is a concept that is spread around the land, around the world, a concept that can be destroyed in mere moments. Wars have begun over many things - love, betrayal, ego, the need to create an immortal legacy. This is the story of the great war of Madra, a war begun over the simplest of things - a horse race.

The Data Collectors - By: Danielle Palli

The Data Collectors were sent here to collect and report back information about us.

The Data Collectors, Book 2; Breach of Contract - By Danielle Palli

Nothing is quite as it should be when Lucene Jones finally arrives on Erde. The Peace-Keepers are forced into an uneasy alliance with the Vitruvians when they discover that the nomadic Royals may have skipped out on a deal. Namely, they failed to deliver the one natural born empath, born of two genetically modified Data Collectors, to a restless demon named Jasper Set. To make matters worse, the Terrestrial Academy of Research and Awareness (TARA) is beginning to notice odd side effects from tampering with Mother Nature, making the Data Collectors seem potentially unfit to continue their research. How can they possibly save the human species when they can’t even save themselves, begging the question, has everyone gone insane?

The Data Collectors, Book 3; Between the Layers - By Danielle Palli

After more than 100 years of peace, Erde must prepare for war. The only problem is, they don’t know how. They are forced to learn and become experts on things they know nothing about - and fast! Under threat from the Royals, the Vitruvians, and the Null, TARA (and its Makerspace) has been converted to accommodate warcraft, combat training, psychological warfare, espionage, and interrogation. If that weren’t enough, to save Lucene from the demon, Jasper Set, Reverend Isabella was forced to open a portal, but not to other dimensions as intended. She managed to create a leak where beings from other shamanic realms can come and go, in and out of their everyday reality. Everyone was worried about the end of Earth, but what about the end of Erde?

We the People: A Kingdom Building LitRPG - By Tracy Gregory

Matt is a con man who finds himself waking up in a strange new world of magic and monsters!

Child of Satan - By Kevin Laymon

Victor, a feral vampire, must find a balance between his sense of ethicality, and hunger for blood.

Time Leap 1: Date Me Audible - By Steve Howrie

Joe Cooper, his partner, Niki and a Russian hit-man, embark on adventures in an attempt to change the world.

The Lightbulb Gardener - By Quendrith Johnson

This audiobook delves into historic timelines and inventions, from Tesla to rocketry, and time machines.