Mack Nuggets


Radio Merseyside from 2016 to 2018, including: The end of the world; What Charlie said; Ricky Tomlinson talks about Mickey Finn; Liverpool’s zoo; Andrew Neil gets taken down; Connections to celebrity; Roger McGough talks about the Blitz; a journey from hell; The real reason why Liverpool fans sing You’ll Never Walk Alone; Paul McCartney's surprise in Liverpool; The vomit comet; New Zealand; Neighbours from hell; Trees;The party without a DJ; A houseguest from hell; A bonfire night surprise; Cultural differences; A fancy dress story; Buyers remorse; Revenge on Henry Ford; The fourth dimension; A tribute to Keith Chegwin; Caught the bus, should have taken a taxi; Beatles biographer, Hunter Davies; The inspirational Gary Skyner; What happens when you sell your soul to the devil in Mississippi; A Father's Day story; Using the wrong word; Donald And Melania Trump's; The lady responsible for the skiffle boom that started it all; Aunty Hazel calls in; Mistaken identity; Harsh rejection; A tribute to Chuck Berry; I can't believe you're doing THAT here!; The dangers of the Twist

Disaster at Titanic The Musical; A stuck story; The ultimate protest song; Miscommunication; What was on the roof of the car?; The gender bender; Why you should pee on your tomatoes; Andy Summers from The Police; Skiving; Neighbour from hell; Siri doesn’t work; A school trip story; A left behind story; The talking whale; The truth about the childhood obesity crisis; The lady shaving her legs in a public pool; The workplace toboggan team; Israel wins the Eurovision song contest; Why Britain is the greatest country on earth; Minimum pricing for booze in Scotland; Wolf whistling banned in France; The Ikea wardrobe disaster; Saying, “I love you” to a customer; the sinister truth about leggo; A special birthday request; The vomit comet; The nickname misunderstanding; Expensive photographs; The truth about World Cup pundits; The camel beauty contest;The odd shoe; The Queen and the baby elephant; Grabbed by the bells; Donald or Duke?; Cyclists; The girly men; Russia; The NHS; Boaty McBoatface; We Didn't Start The Fire - Billy Joel Parody.

Christmas Wishes; Can we talk to all 7 Dwarfs and Snow White?; Tattoos; The thing that doesn’t make sense about smokers at the hospital; Is my wife having an affair with a 70s footballer; Private embarrassment; A Fireworks story; When a joke goes to waste; Tess Daly gave us the worst interview in the history of radio; Good news for Richard III; A tribute to James Bond baddie ‘Jaws’; Kelly goes topless; Why I've been blacklisted by Linkedin; World Cup Answer-phone Hesitation; The most daring thing you ever did; The Can Film Festival.If you don’t want to get ripped off, buy the knock-off version; Locked out stories; The donkey in the police car; The funny headline; Embarrassed by your parents; What men DON’T want for Christmas; Plastic surgery that fixed one thing, ruined another; Volkswagen have done nothing wrong; Britain’s train operators do not follow the rules of business OR physics; A chat with a teenager who chased a murderer; In-law porn; Random Acts of Kindness. Kids causing stress and when Tracey went into labour in the car.rouble in the theatre; Paula Abdul gets puked on; Brexit; Idiots who ride push bikes; A Fancy dress story; Getting stuck; Rick Astley & Donald Trump; Julie age 23; The leopard from housekeeping; Boris the pornstar; Daren; Stand Up comedy from David Cameron; Locked out; Christmas lies and when you were Left behind.

The end of JACK, the birth of BOB; How George Clooney caused me to upset a publicist; The mother who dressed her five year old as a prostitute: The most annoying athletes at the Winter Olympics: Should we declare war on Canada?; The truth about the chocolate bar with the wasp in it; The scary moment on a construction site; The truth about the French President: The Pope asks women to get their breasts out: Sexy Satnav; What to do when you don't know their name or get their name wrong; The Great Santa Kidnap; The bloke who doesn't know the name of his favorite radio station.

An exclusive preview of what Apple iTunes Radio will sound like; What Jeff Lynne did to The Beatles; Proof that the Wurzels are actually The Osmonds; How Bonnie Tyler got her name; Airlines don't care about our safety; When an Italian thought I'd wet the bed; The bloke who's never heard the song with his name in it; "I just shipped my pants!"; The bus driver who's NOT on the fiddle; Hear what happened when I used the Iranian time machine; How Jack FM is keeping bugs away; How I got freaked out in the on air studio.

BBC Radio Merseyside 2013

How we got on when we went busking on the streets of Liverpool; Crimes of Fashion committed to the Fashion Hall of Shame; Barry Cryer shares his memories of Kenny Everett; David Beckham had a crush on Cherie Blair, listeners share who they’ve got a crush on; Why “over-the-water” is a world away; Why I’m not happy with our old house in Liverpool; Cases of mistaken identity; Leaving home for the first time; The Mack’s Factor; Going on a message and buying cigarettes as a kid; My workplace oops and why it’s now known as an R.A; Gerry Marsden tells my why he recorded ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’; The lady who nearly burned down Lewis’s; Memories of Bill Shankly on the 100th Anniversary of his birth; A cosmic welcome back; Your first pay packet and what you spent it on; I talk to Roger McGough about poetry on plates.

Things you’ve seen people do while they’re driving; The embarrassing text message I sent to the wrong person; The great cooking oil caper; Thousands of pounds found on a doorstep; Is UKIP’s Godfrey Bloom racist and sexist? I talk to Steve Crowther, the party chairman and the Deputy Leader of UKIP, Paul Nuttall; Why padded scaffold poles are dangerous; York’s kamikaze cycle lane; Leicester jumps the gun in their claim that Richard the Third belong to them; How we’re poisoning our strongest and brightest children; The shocking truth about Scotland’s baby panda; What an old mate of mine from Australia doesn’t understand about his ancestors; How powerful was David Frost? Scary stories for Halloween; Former 80’s pop star Richard Coles from The Communards talks about saints; How safe are we during a strike by the Fire Brigade?

Meet a real life superhero; Randy Rhinos in Oxfordshire; There is no afterlife and near death experiences are all in the mind. Is that what new research from Michigan is saying? I talk to a professor; The word that literally has a new meaning and a shortage of nouns discussed with the senior editor of the Oxford English Dictionary. I talk to the grandson of the inventor of television; Has the property market recovered?

The correct punishment for people who throw litter from cars; The Business Secretary, Vince Cable admits that taxes will rise as cars become more efficient. The song that saves lives; What David Beckham should do in retirement; Are we a nation of fat lazy porkers? The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Communism; How I embarrassed myself; My link to John Lennon, Yoko Ono and Coventry; I talk to the Mayor of Parkes in New South Wales Australia, the town where I got my first job as a radio presenter.

How America reported the royal birth; I talk to the man who gatecrashed the media frenzy outside the hospital dressed as a town crier and became an international superstar; How Derby Cathedral celebrated the birth of the new prince.

The inquest into the fire at Lakanal House in Camberwell, south London has said. I get the reaction from Southwark Council; Is aircraft noise affecting kids ability to learn? And are London buses the new social media?; Wayne and the mystical driftwood; Ian and the mugger with a hammer in Surbiton; Do we still need Libraries? Why London is the greatest city on earth.

Celebrity Chefs Ainsley Harriott and James Martin, the shocking truth about Ready Steady Cook and cheap psychological tricks.

Luke McCormick caused the death of two children, should he play for Swindon Town? I talk to his agent; Confusion over the family wedding; Why isn’t the Church of England investing in Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation? I talk to a bishop; The kids at The School of The Week have problems with the three "R"s; Simon Evans from Thames Water in hot water over the hosepipe ban; Robins All Over the World; Is insurance a racket; Lib Dem Simon Hughes; Harriet Harman; The return of the hooter; The world's worst mountaineers; Knee deep in sewage; Houses at Coate Water. Ed Milliband; Tony Benn; The Councillor & The Custard; Christmas Wish.

The Teesside Cannibal; A call to NASA; Classic wrong numbers.

Stars in their Ears; Make the baby laugh; The car that ran on cooking oil.

Classic wrong numbers; stupid pet stories; The Welsh.

BRMB: 2001

Snubbed by Britney Spears; The traumatic experience on a train.

Followed by a paper bag; The perfect crime;A near death experience.

The search for John Motson; Classic wrong number; naked skiing.

2GO, NSW Central Coast, Australia 95 to 97

Perfect Match; Barney from The Simpsons; Beatles song parodies; My very last show in Australia.

Graham Mack Pet Detective; The car salesman who couldn't stop laughing; The Beatles songs about the show.

My first ever job on commercial radio, "Hits and Memories 2PK" Parkes, in the Central West of New South Wales, Australia. I really didn't have a clue what I was doing, I was fresh from The Australian Film TV& Radio School. Six months before I got the job I was working as an air-conditioning engineer in Sydney.

Community radio in Sydney. My first go at broadcasting.

Most Requested Bits

The audio that won Gold

The Sony Radio Academy Awards are the most prestigious awards in the British radio industry. In 2011 I won the Gold Award for "Breakfast Show of the Year". This is the audio that was part of my entry.

A tribute to Neal Butterworth

Neal passed away in May 2013, he was 55. He was the Editor of The Daily Echo newspaper in Dorset between 1998 and 2011 and was on the Breakfast show with us every morning. Richie and I gave him a really hard time but he was always a total pro.

The Homemade Flag

In 2002 I was moved to tears by a poem I read in the Liverpool Fanzine "Red All Over The Land". It's by Dave Kirby a.k.a. Braces & Boots and it's called "The Homemade Flag".

You Have Lived

From 2001 to 2003 I presented the Breakfast Show on 106 Century FM, in the East Midlands. An anonymous listener sent me a list of things they remembered from their childhood.

The Cannibal Call

Another season of "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here" was about to start, with it's famous Bush Tucker Challenge. I asked listeners, "What's the most unusual thing you've eaten?" I didn't expect this call!

BOBisphere 2014

The "live" concert at Knebworth on April 1st 2014 featuring Status Quo, Robbie Williams, Bruno Mars, Paul McCartney, Oasis, Lady Gaga, Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, George Michael, Duran Duran, Tom Jones, Led Zeppelin and many more!

Royal Baby News, USA & OZ

I went live on 103.7 Lite FM with Gene and Julie in Dallas Texas, Sarah and Dwayne at 107.7 2GO New South Wales and I made the morning news at 2SM in Sydney Australia in 2013.

Live in North Carolina

I tell our friends Gene & Julie all about the new Royal baby and the result of the Scottish referendum in 2014.

In 1996, I was presenting a weekend show on 2GO, the local commercial radio station on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. All afternoon I'd been giving away tickets to a rodeo, you just had to answer a Wild West themed question to win. Just before the end of the show, the promotions director stuck his head around the studio door and said, "One more set of tickets HAS to be won, the next caller MUST be a winner. The correct answer is "Buffalo Bill", help them if you have to!" - This call became one of my most popular requests.

A few years ago I got to interview Tess Daly from Strictly Come Dancing. I was on BOBfm in Hertfordshire with Amy Stevenson and Tess was on the line from London. As you’ll hear, it didn’t go well.

Talk Show Boot Camp 2012, New Orleans

A special international edition of RadioTalk at the Talk Show Boot Camp in New Orleans. I talk to speakers, presenters and delegates and get some fascinating insights into how talk radio works across the pond.

Talkers 2014, New York

Only two British radio hosts are any good on TV according to one respected American consultant. Find out which two and what's really strangling talk radio in the US in this Radio Talk which I recorded at the 'Talkers Radio Conference' in New York 2013.

Morning Show Boot Camp 2015, Chicago

Some of the biggest names in US broadcasting, including WPLJ's Todd Pettengill, BJ Shea from KISW, Gene & Julie from WRAL, Nationally syndicated talk show host, Jonathon Brandmeier, Don Anthony from Talentmasters and radio programer and consultant Tracy Johnson.

Talkers 2017, New York

My report from Talkers 2017 in New York where I met Michael Harrison, Phil Boyce, Chris Stigall, Harry Hurley, Thom Hartmann, Tom Leykis, Norm Pattiz, Mike Francesa, and Love & Laughter with Beth.

The G-Emmy Awards 2015

Highlights from 2015’s glittering ceremony. Nominees include: Jennifer Lawrence, Vladimir Putin, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Kim Jong-un, Madonna, David Cameron, Tess Daly, Lucy Beale, Harrison Ford; Piers Morgan, Alex Salmond and David Beckham.

The G-Emmy Awards 2017

A special year at the annual awards which celebrated the birthday of BOBfm. Nominees included: President Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Corbyn, Harrison Ford, and Kim Jong Un.

The G-Emmy Awards 2019

Nominees include: Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, Wayne Rooney, Greta Thunberg, , Jacob Rees-Mogg, John Cleese, Jeremy Corbyn, Piers Morgan, Diane Abbott, Jo Swinson & The Duke of Edinburgh.

The Virgin Caller

In 2001, I hosted the morning show on BRMB in Birmingham. I was sent a CD of classic rock tunes played on an accordion. One day, while stopped at traffic lights, some blokes from Eastern Europe cleaned my windscreen and I got the idea for this call.

The BOBfm Spring Parade April 1st 2015

William and Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge were the surprise special guests on the royal float at the “BOB fm First Annual Spring Parade”. Other celebrities taking part included; Jeremy Clarkson, Madonna, Lewis Hamilton, Zayn Malik, North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un and Julian Assange.

The Radio Stuff Podcast

In 2013 and 2014, I had the pleasure of being a guest on The Radio Stuff Podcast, presented by Larry Gifford

Jonathon Brandmeier & Graham Mack

I was a guest a couple of times on Jonathon Brandmeier's nationally syndicated radio show which was broadcast on over 100 radio stations in the USA. - Johnny B is one of my all time radio heros and to actually be on his show was a real thrill!

This bit got complaints from Welsh people.

This psychic didn't see this coming!