Wild Fens Murder Mysteries - By Jack Cartwright

D.I. Freya Bloom transfers from the Met to the rural Lincolnshire where she finds crimes so deadly, they test her steely determination.

The Lost King of England  

- By R.J. Batchelor

Why Charles Should Not Be King!

A Journey Far: Ibere: Beginnings 

- By AJ Sam

Despite the odds stacked against him, this African American not only survived, but thrived during his journey through 19th century America.

Real-Time Starcommander  

By Tracy Gregory 

Evan goes from being a gamer to being a starship commander. 

The Sleeping Phoenix 

- By ishKiia Paige

The NoodleVision TV Show: Episode One - By Elamandor Soso

The show that watches you... broadcast live from your imagination. 

Stand Alone Son - By David Murimi

A short storybook targeting kids and young adults teaching about the importance of integrity and courage. Learn more about Simba and his journey to Kingship!

Phartman - By Glyn Davies

An spaceman with an unusual ability, lands in a farmers field to collect cabbages as fuel for his spaceship. Charlie, a local police sergeant, battles to keep a hapless but nosey newspaper reporter away from the space visitor to protect Phartman and his innocent outlook on life.

The Strange Abduction of Freddy Heddy Hardcrumble

 - By Laurie Ann Pokin 

Stone the Crows - By TA Moore

Dr Nicholas Blake might still be afraid of the dark, but the monsters his grandmother tormented him with as a child aren’t real. Or so he thought! The sea freezes, the country grinds to a halt under the snow, and he finds a half-dead man bleeding out while a dead woman watches. 

Join Me in the Club: An Extreme Horror 

- By Matt Shaw 

This is a club you do not want to join. Get a white token and you go home the following day. Get a red token and you leave in a body bag.

Forgotten Soldiers - By Warren Martin 

Air Force Captain Jacob Walden was shot down over Vietnam in 1970 and never returned home. Forty years later, journalist Ted Pratt embarks on a mission to uncover Jacob's disappearance. 

Un-Monkey Your Busy Mind 

- By P. R. Gallant

Break the cycle of anxiety, stress, and despair. Get this audiobook and learn proven techniques for a fuller, happier life.

Saving Apo11o - By Thomas Volz 

This short work of fiction details the Soviet efforts to thwart the first American moon landing and safe return of the astronauts, as well as the countermeasures employed by the US.

Killing Time: 

How to Recruit and Retain Top Talent by Rewarding Production Instead of Time - By Jean Sada 

 Focusing on outcomes over time spent on-site.

Falling Beneath the Magnolia 

- By Steve Farley 

Travel back in time to 1960s New Orleans. Criminal cartels and ghouls run the city, crime and the supernatural work hand in hand.

Overthinking? - By Bryanscott Parker 

Turn your negative thoughts into positive thinking energies!. You can change your thinking to reduce and eventually eliminate your harmful negative overthinking altogether! 

The Witch of Monroe - By Trace Murillo 

Plagued by rumors of witchcraft, the church wanted her land. The town wanted her dead. Hannah is shaken after the mysterious death of her husband, Captain Hovey. A man that was as cruel as he was loved. 

Case of the Plucked Chicken

- By Rodney Evans 

A hilarious lesson on courage and responsibility with a sheriff who must man-up before everyone catches chick-a-lunacy!

The Black Swan - By V. R. R. Richards

The story is set in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, the playground for all the rich and poor “Flower Children” who flocked to San Francisco during the summer of love. 

The Muted Swan - By Michel Prince

Duke King is a med student with an empire being handed to him. When his father extends their property, they find a woman living alone who only communicates with her eyes and gentle touches. 

The Brotherhood: Legacy

- By Merry Farmer 

Modern-day stories of the men of The Brotherhood.

The Asian Sagas 

- By Peter Rimmer 

A tapestry of historical fact & fiction.

Cocky - By Tony Barnes, Richard Elias & Peter Walsh

The Liverpool scally who sold narcotics worldwide. 

Building Your Music Business 

- By Henry Harris

Straightforward steps that will help you grow your music business. 

Girls Like Us! 

- By Anike Bay 

A lesbian drama.

The Willows - By Algernon Blackwood

A classic horror story.

Goblin Summoner: A Deckbuilding LitRPG

- By Tracy Gregory 

Gareth is dropped into a world where sorcerers draw magical power from a deck of cards summoning monsters and flinging spells. 

Magical Constabulary - By Elmon Dean Todd

Mythical creatures roam freely and magic flows wildly. 

A Comedic Summary of...  - By Tobo Leadership

Funny commentaries on some of the most popular leadership books ever written.

Surprise - By Robert James Karpie

Inspiration for children and parents. The simple joys of life—fun, nature, fishing, horsing around, & worms, which leads to the ultimate surprise, Oouey makes the world a better place! 

Dverger: A Deckbuilding LitRPG 

- By Tracy Gregory

Gareth must navigate the treacherous outback, battling horrid monsters and discovering ancient secrets in its dusty wastes. 

A Winter of Blood - By Jack Cartwright

The lifeless body of an eight-year-old is found lying in a quiet country road and his Aunt Janice, fourth in line to inherit the family business, is reported missing. 

The Pull of Hunger - By Matt Cricchio

A struggling Afghan farmer's infant son's health is at stake. With no options left, he's forced to enter the murky realm of espionage, aligning himself with an American spy. 

Ann's Tale - By Steve E Farley

Ann’s life is horrible until Thomas Royce arrives at Red Castle, he is working with Ann’s master to prepare for war. Thomas will try and help Ann to achieve her freedom. Her freedom will come with a price that affects everyone.


- By Warren Martin