The Data Collectors Trilogy - By Danielle Palli

A journey from Earth to earthlike worlds, where a battle ensues. 

Magical Constabulary - By Elmon Dean Todd

In the underworld of the Isle of Man, mythical creatures roam freely and magic flows wildly. 

Real-Time Starcommander – By Tracy Gregory 

Can Evan, an ordinary earth-bound human go from being a gamer to being a starship commander? 

The Willows - By Algernon Blackwood

A classic horror story that begins with a hair-raising "Canadian canoe" trip down the flooded Danube.

Santa's Disastrous Delivery - By Glyn Davies

The chaos surrounding a bumbling Santa as he tries to deliver presents to a remote house.

The NoodleVision TV Show: Episode One - By: Elamandor Soso

The show that watches you... broadcast live from your imagination. 

Goblinkin: Goblin Summoner, Book 5 - By Tracy Gregory 

The race is on to save the world!

Building Your Music Business Basic Foundation - By Henry Harris

Straightforward steps that will help you register your music, market and grow your music business. 

The Sleeping Phoenix - By ishKiia Paige

 A transformational journey wrapped up in an epic science fiction fantasy series.

The Lost King of England - By R.J. Batchelor

Why Charles III Should Not Be King!

Wild Fens Murder Mysteries - By Jack Cartwright

D.I. Freya Bloom transfers from the Met to the rural Lincolnshire where she finds crimes so deadly, they test her steely determination.

Cocky - By Tony Barnes, Richard Elias & Peter Walsh

Curtis Warren is an underworld legend, the Liverpool scally who sold his narcotics around the world. 

A Comedic Summary of... - By Tobo Leadership

Funny insightful commentaries on some of the most popular leadership books ever written.