Goblin Summoner Series - By Tracy Gregory

Gareth is dropped into a world where sorcerers draw magical power from a deck of cards.

Who Killed Epstein? Prince Andrew or Bill Clinton?

- By: Shaun Attwood

Virginia Giuffre alleged that Epstein ordered her to have sex with Prince Andrew three times, including in an orgy on the pedophile island. On the Lolita Express, Bill Clinton was photographed with Epstein’s “sex slaves”. After Epstein was suicided, both men denied any knowledge of his crimes. Whoever ordered the hit on the super-predator had a lot to lose. This book examines the roles of Epstein and his accomplices in the honey-trap operation and the likelihood of a royal prince or an ex-president being co-conspirators in his assassination.

Flying Forwards, Facing Backwards: Captivating Tales from a Vulcan and Nimrod Air Electronics Officer - By Jim Walls

Jim Walls guides you through his forty-year RAF career that started as a Boy Entrant at RAF Cosford, then as an air radar tradesman, before specializing as an air electronics operator (AEOp) in the Nimrod MR1, and later as an air electronics officer (AEO) who flew in Nimrod R1s and Vulcan B2s. This fascinating book showcases the vital role that AEOs held and the importance of radar and electronic warfare in the fight against enemy forces. It is also a tribute to the much-loved Cold War icons, the Nimrod and the Vulcan. This book will appeal to Cold War enthusiasts and fans of the iconic jets of that era.

Wild Fens Murder Mysteries - By Jack Cartwright

Detective Inspector Freya Bloom transfers from the Met to the rural Lincolnshire where she finds crimes so deadly, they test her steely determination.

Cocky - By Tony Barnes, Richard Elias & Peter Walsh

Curtis Warren is an underworld legend, the Liverpool scally who sold his narcotics around the world.