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Nuclear War Survival - By David Kobler & JD Dutra

Today’s global political climate is volatile. The threat of a world nuclear war is looming daily. Modern hypersonic warheads can reach any city on the planet in just 20 minutes, making them nearly impossible to defend against or warn about. Considering that the side that strikes first has a higher chance of winning and overwhelming the enemy, the actual “red lines” that, once crossed, would unleash doomsday are unknown to everyone outside the smallest circles of political power. The devastating events in Hiroshima and Nagasaki proved that there will always be survivors in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion. They did a few things right that made all the difference, and after listening to this short audiobook, you’ll know these critical steps too.

Relaxation and Meditation Techniques for Adults - By Aria Renae 

Relax, unwind, and de-stress daily with the help of these relaxation and meditation techniques. 

Parenting the Right Way - By DJ Janvier 

Do you wish you could model confidence and self-assurance for your kids, but don’t know where to start? When parents have been raised in a society that glosses over tough issues, how are they supposed to teach their children to be authentic in daily routines and connections with other people? Approaching uncomfortable family problems can cause resistance and tension, taking a lifetime for families to recover. Get the elephant out of the room today by learning techniques to build more communicative and satisfying connections with your children. By understanding parenting styles and communication methods, parents can stop simply hoping their children will listen to their words and start experiencing the quality relationship that they desire. 

House of Peace - By Robin Flowers 

Feel happier, calmer, less stressed and out easily build a strong defensive system to ward off anger. 

Hack Your Phone Addiction - By Taylor Beck

This book helps you regain control of your life by acknowledging your technology habits and learning how to be the master over them. Hack Your Phone Addiction will convince you of all the reasons why you should be more mindful of how you spend your time on your phone, but it won't leave you hanging. You will be given all the tools that will help you navigate your newfound life, free from the chains of impulsive technology use. You will learn to recognizes impulses, mindfully meditate, create positive distractions, and many other habit-breaking techniques. We look forward to helping you change your life and discover more about yourself as you distance yourself from the habit of excessive phone use.

High Performance Marijuana - By P.J. Frederick 

Are our athletes being unfairly robbed of a natural and safe solution to many of the stresses they face? 

The Holistic Masterclass in How to Truly Love Life - By Zen Jungle   

Does anybody truly and deeply love life? Or is that simply a story, a pipe dream, told by people who want to sell you something? This masterclass began with an ultimate belief that there must be something more, something we are all missing. After all, how could life be such a mess of roles to play, expectations to meet, anxiety, blame, guilt, opinion and conflict; causing endless and involuntary overthinking? If you want the secret of how to truly love life, or seek truth, awakening, enlightenment, and deep moment to moment fulfilment, this will surely become your “go to” manual.

The Bell’s Book - By William K. Lawrence 

If you woke up with a broken smile and a twisted face. This book is a guide to getting through it.

The Book of Nothing - By Fred Davis

The Book of Nothing is a large gathering of quotes and questions that were painstakingly pulled from live satsangs by the late Gordon Goodman, MD. You can listen to one quote or question at a time, or all 624 of them one after the other. Do as you will: It's Your book! And it's my hope that You'll come to recognise this as You go through it. The Book of Nothing can be used as a morning meditation, or you can use it to take a dose of clarity as many times during the day or night as you want. Welcome to the living method of spiritual awakening.

How to Conquer Your Mind and Body - By Michael Burgess 

The COVID-19pandemic left us all in a state where the boundaries of our homes are more familiar than the walls of our offices, classrooms, businesses, etc. It leaves one to question: How does one cope with these changes mentally? This audiobook covers a summarised version of the practices recommended by professionals on how to deal with our minds during these tough times.

The Smartphone Addiction Restriction 

- By A Concerned Citizen Publishing 

The dark side of smartphones is not so obvious. Checking your phone constantly has become normalized, and most people don’t realize they’re trapped in a very real addiction.  Smartphones have particularly powerful effects on our children, making them shallow, depressed, and unable to think critically. They exercise less, rarely socialize, get worse grades, and have lower self-esteem. In the most severe cases, they may even take their own lives. Despite how common this addiction is, it is possible to overcome. We may not be able to quit using smartphones entirely, but with this tested and proven plan, you can limit their activity.