Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Wild Fens Murder Mysteries 

- By Jack Cartwright

Detective Inspector Freya Bloom has no desire to return to the bustling London streets, she accepts a position in rural Lincolnshire.

Infestation - By William Meikle

Captain Banks and his squad arrive at scene of bloody mayhem. Soon they are in a fight for their lives!

The Isle of Dead Ships - By Crittenden Marriott 

An old world tale of adventure, murder, monsters, and shipwrecks. A timeless classic by Crittenden Marriott, originally published in 1909.

Falling Beneath the Magnolia 

- By Steve Farley 

Travel back to 1960s New Orleans. Criminal cartels and ghouls run the city, crime and the supernatural work hand in hand to achieve power. 

And Then I Woke Up - By Malcolm Devlin

In a world reeling from a plague, monsters lurk in the streets while terrified survivors arm themselves and roam in packs. Spence is one of the "cured". Haunted by guilt, he refuses to face the changed world. But if he can't tell the truth from the lies, how will he know if he has earned the redemption he dreams of? 

If I Didn't Care - By Danielle Palli

Rue Brennan’s name means “regret” and “sorrow”. And by golly, she’s determined to live up to that name!

The Pull of Hunger - By Matt Cricchio

A struggling Afghan farmer's infant son's health is at stake. With no options left, he's forced to enter the murky realm of espionage, aligning himself with an American spy. 

A Winter of Blood - By Jack Cartwright

The lifeless body of an eight-year-old is found lying in a quiet country road and his Aunt Janice, fourth in line to inherit the family business, is reported missing. 

Forgotten Soldiers - By Warren Martin 

Jacob Walden was shot down over Vietnam in 1970 and never returned home. Forty years later, journalist Ted Pratt embarks on a mission to uncover Jacob's disappearance. 

Saving Apo11o - By Thomas Volz 

This short work of fiction details the Soviet efforts to thwart the first American moon landing and safe return of the astronauts, as well as the countermeasures employed by the US.

The Witch of Monroe - By Trace Murillo 

Plagued by rumours of witchcraft, the church wanted her land. The town wanted her dead. Hannah is shaken to the after the mysterious death of her husband, Captain Hovey. A man that was as cruel as he was loved. 

The Strange Abduction of Freddy Heddy Hardcrumble 

- By Laurie Ann Pokin 

The Willows  - By Algernon Blackwood

A classic horror story that begins with a hair-raising "Canadian canoe" trip down the flooded Danube. 

A Tremendous a Lot - By Jordan Dickerson 

Three tales of characters as they do their best to make their way through the world.

Spitfire Final Flight - By DG Leigh 

36 Spitfires are discovered buried deep within the Burmese jungle, a retired RAF test pilot helps to steal one.

The Pit  - By Andrew Fordham 

Strange happenings start to haunt a Norfolk village. 

Shadow Slayers

 - By Nellie H. Steele

Josie Benson’s life had started spiralling out of control.  

Two Horror Tales 

- By M.R. James

Two creepy horror tales condensed by Gary Adkins.

Child of Satan - By Kevin Laymon 

Victor Morgof, a feral vampire, is subject to the chaos of eternal damnation.

The Secret Keepers 

- By Nellie H. Steele

Catherine Kensie arrives at a Castle in Scotland  and begins experiencing strange phenomena.

Braided Dimensions - By Marie Judson

Kay is transported to a medieval world. She meets Baird, a handsome stranger who claims to know her spirit, and Duff, a burly friend who welcomes her as Kyna, as long-lost kin. Kay joins them in a festive celebration of the Celtic New Year, where she discovers she can dance, sing, and understand their arcane tongue. But when dawn comes, she returns to her own time still holding a silver pendant that connects her to Baird. Will she ever see him again? And who is Kyna, the woman she resembles?

Agent Provocateur - By Christopher C Tubbs 

Marty leads to an undercover operation deep in French territory.