Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Wild Fens Murder Mysteries - By Jack Cartwright

D. I. Freya Bloom transfers from the Met to Lincolnshire where she finds crimes that test her determination.

The Willows - By Algernon Blackwood

A classic horror story that begins with a hair-raising "Canadian canoe" trip down the flooded Danube. 

And Then I Woke Up - By Malcolm Devlin

This is a creepy, layered, literary story about false narratives and their ability to divide us. In a world reeling from an unusual plague, monsters lurk in the streets while terrified survivors arm themselves and roam the countryside in packs. Or perhaps something very different is happening. When a disease affects how reality is perceived, it's hard to be certain of anything . . . Spence is one of the "cured" living at the Ironside rehabilitation facility. Haunted by guilt, he refuses to face the changed world until a new inmate challenges him to help her find her old crew. But if he can't tell the truth from the lies, how will he know if he has earned the redemption he dreams of? How will he know he hasn't just made things worse?

If I Didn't Care - By Danielle Palli

Rue Brennan’s name means “regret” and “sorrow”. And by golly, she’s determined to live up to that name!

Cutt: A Remarkable Story from Afghanistan - By Dr Tony Miller

The story of a young behind-the-lines British agent and a his platoon of young girls in a number of covert and very dangerous missions.

Infestation - By William Meikle

Captain Banks and his squad arrive at scene of bloody mayhem. Soon they are in a fight for their lives!

The Secret Keepers: Jack's Journal, Book 1 - By Nellie H. Steele

Dr. Catherine Kensie arrives at a Castle in Scotland  and begins experiencing strange phenomena.

Shadows of the Past  - By Nellie H. Steele

Ever since the nightmares started Josie Benson’s life had started spiraling out of control.  

A Tremendous a Lot - By Jordan Dickerson 

Three tales of characters as they do their best to make their way through the world.

The Pit - By Andrew Fordham 

Strange happenings start to haunt a Norfolk village. 

Spitfire Final Flight - By DG Leigh 

36 Spitfires are discovered buried deep within the Burmese jungle, a retired RAF test pilot helps to steal one.

Child of Satan - By Kevin Laymon 

Victor Morgof, a feral vampire, is subject to the chaos of eternal damnation.

Agent Provocateur - By Christopher C Tubbs 

Marty leads to an undercover operation deep in French territory with unexpected results. 

Two Horror Tales - By M.R. James

Two creepy horror tales condensed by Gary Adkins.