I had the pleasure of speaking to Alan Alda who I've been a fan of for a long time. In this chat we talk about M*A*S*H, his Dad, face blindness, the Orient Express, not signing autographs, Parkinson's, playing a Republican, his podcast, Clear And Vivid. He even gave me an acting tip to use when I narrate audiobooks.

I spoke to Dom Joly. He talks about Trigger Happy TV, his books, his passion for travelling and going to school with Osama bin Laden.

I had a chat with Shaun Williamson who played Barry In Eastenders.

When I spoke at Next Radio at the Royal Institution in London

When BOBfm made the news

The advert that ran on Tyne Tees Television

Ready Steady Cook Part 1

Ready Steady Cook Part 2

Trading Places for Carlton TV

In studio at 106 Century Radio

At Monkey World on 2CRFM

On Meridian News in 1997

Part of a documentary I made for Action Television