Literature & Fiction

The Willows - By Algernon Blackwood

A classic horror story that begins with a hair-raising "Canadian canoe" trip down the flooded Danube. The float trip lands two adventurers on a willow-covered island in the stream, amid sharp shale, rapids, rain, and howling winds. The campers survive a murderous attempt to secretly scuttle their canoe and steal their food supplies. The campers also hear voices and gong-like dronings over the willows. Then, they try to dodge detection from the aliens seeking to obliterate them, but it soon becomes apparent the outsiders are looking to perform a human sacrifice. How can they escape without a paddle for their canoe, food, or fuel, and with nothing ahead of them for the next 50 miles but willow and rapids?

Two Horror Tales - By M.R. James

Two creepy horror tales condensed by Gary Adkins.

The Ivory - By Fahadbin Alam

Samuel was not an orphan by choice, but his uncles, Paul and Robert, planned his parents' death so they could inherit the family business: Pickerings Empire. Upon discovering that he wasn't dead, his uncles sold him as a slave to Africa, where he learned the skills for survival and a way to be better in life. While working as a slave, he found a treasure map to a Scottish island, where a credible amount of treasures were deposited. He must work his way out of slavery to even stand a chance of finding the treasure. Did he survive the tortures of slave masters? Did he find the treasure? What does life hold for someone like him, the wealthy living as a slave? Is his life's purpose all about the treasure, or slavery? Will he find love?

The Lost King of England - By R. J. Batchelor

The shocking truth about the real reason why Edward VIII Abdicated!

The Memorabilia Man - By Charlie Wood

In Liverpool in the spring of 2014, struggling musician Mike Bradley is forced to do some manual work over the spring bank holiday to make ends meet. What was supposed to be a routine decorating job turns into a life-changing decision. Is the Memorabilia Man all he appears to be? A story of loyalty and betrayal and a misguided sense of honor.

Infestation - By William Meikle

Captain Banks and his squad arrive at scene of bloody mayhem. Soon they are in a fight for their lives!

Mixed Blessings - By John Broughton

Mierce, the English Midlands, 8th Century A.D., Æthelbald, King of Mierce, is a man of ambition. Having created much-needed stability within his domain, he now aspires to take the surrounding kingdoms to expand and fortify his own. Stealthy and cunning, Æthelbald manipulates other men of power to achieve his goals. The quest for power is not King Æthelbald’s only passion in life. He has an insatiable lust for women and takes advantage of his position to "raid" nunneries to satisfy his desires. As Æthelbald’s reign grows and strengthens, so too does the authority of the church, whose leverage over monarchical matters becomes increasingly overbearing. The church does not approve of King Æthelbald’s exploits with innocent women and seeks to bring him into line.

Shadow Slayers - By Nellie H. Steele

Ever since the nightmares started, Josie Benson’s life had started spiralling out of control.

Intrigued by an Ancient Pedigree - By Sandra Sookoo

Three months after the birth of his son, the fifth Earl of Archewyne, is attempting to acclimate to fatherhood, but he longs for adventure. Emmaline Hawkins, the new Countess of Archewyne, is torn between wanting to be a good mother and wishing to recapture the excitement digging up relics and hunting treasures brings. Just as she thinks her adventuring days are over, she meets a young pawn broker questing after the legendary Lancelot Stone. As Miles and Emmaline chase shadows and investigate macabre sites, their steps are dogged by unsavory characters. The closer they move toward unmasking the duke’s imposter heir as well as finding the fabled relic, the bolder a killer grows in attempts on their lives.

Shattered Steel - By Shauna Richmond

Catherine finds herself straying from her pack & in a secret love affair but can her new love tame a wolf?

The Seafarer's Lost Daughter - By Faye Godwin

The last thing Lindy Cook wants to do is leave beautiful Yorkshire behind. The countryside is the only home she’s ever known, and its splendid landscapes lift her spirits even amidst trouble, so does Titus, the bright-eyed country boy who’s always been her dear friend. Lindy’s troubles are many. Papa has gone to London for work; Mama is quite unwell, and her two little brothers, Reuben and Aram, constantly need to be fed and cared for. With no resources, she has no choice but to pack her little family into a stifling railway carriage headed for a whole new world - a world she doesn’t understand: London. As she begins to blossom into a woman, she has only one hope left. She clings to her dream of finding Titus again and returning to glorious Yorkshire.

Windrush - By Malcolm Archibald

Captain Windrush & the 113th Foot in India in the 1850s.

The Shamus Dialogues - By Friedrich Thorn

Shamus is not your typical cat - standing six feet, seven inches, to be exact and with the uncanny ability to needle sudden realisation out of even the most dull-witted, flea-bitten ape.

This book presents some of Shamus’ favorite encounters with that pernicious primate species known as mankind. Armed with a biting, perceptive wit and an occasional glass of Scotch, this fabulous feline is sure to amuse and bemuse the average listener, while the above-average listener is likely to throw this clap-trap directly into the nearest incinerator.

Curious Tales - By Ethan Westhoff & Christopher Westhoff

Ethan and Christopher are father & son. This collection of their short stories about swords, spaceships, grizzly bears, even a collection of old Irish jokes.

Heaven’s Rocker - By Ruth Finnegan

A story of love as the little angel does everything to save his guitar-playing little sister from the ultimate sin, as she insists on taking her wild music and even wilder love to hell. Heaven’s Rocker is the most recent volume in the Ruthfinn little angel romances and the prequel to the stunning The Lady and the Dragon. An intensely moving tale of love and sacrifice, which will surprise you.

Bend with the Wind - By Peter Rimmer

Nobility. Garden parties. Luxury. Prestige. War breaks out. Merry Hall and its male heirs are now at stake.

Sophia: The Highly Favoured Lady - By Ruth Finnegan

The lovely Queen Sophia has to submit to her conqueror, King Francis, to save her people from slaughter. As a result, she falls passionately in love with him—and he with her. But after just one night together, he gives her away to his son, Corin. Before Sophia can win Corin's love, she has to free him from his demons—only then can they fully love. She bears a child who is to inherit the kingdom. She, in turn, withdraws in favor of his lovely young bride and acts as revered advisor to the kingdom, in an intriguing tale of love and sacrifice.

Building Rome: Dreams - By H.L.

Inspire your imagination and dream ream without boundaries, you are in control of you destiny.

A Little Angel Starts Out - By Ruth Finnegan

A little angel, thrilled with his certificate, now formally awarded in Heaven’s Great Hall, goes through his memories of creation.

How it came out of nothing and how God did not forget anything even the little ants in the high cathedral rafters. But he is only little, and naïve, and inexperienced, and very nervous about what lies before him and his journey alone through the universe, and if he could take his trumpet - surely?

The Pit - By Andrew Fordham

Strange happenings haunt a Norfolk village. Only in the darkness of the pit can an answer be found.

The Little Angel Ventures Through Deep Space - By Ruth Finnegan

The little angel, on his way to carry out his scary “very responsible” tasks on earth now he has his certification, meets terrifying adventures in space. Would he, could he ever get to earth? Or just have to return useless, his record book empty, to heaven to face the Archangels, and, worse, his darling little sister - ohhh!

The Lightbulb Gardener - By Quendrith Johnson

This audiobook delves into historic timelines and inventions, from Tesla to rocketry, and time machines.

The Helix Pearl - By Ruth Finnegan

This story is told from the perspective of the garrulous sounding, wine-dark Homeric one, the sea. It somehow emerged, readymade, in liminal space, predominantly in dream - or, to be more exact, in that in-between liminal state that is neither waking nor sleeping but at the same time both.

Time Leap 1: Date Me Audible - By Steve Howrie

Joe Cooper, his partner, Niki and a Russian hit-man, embark on adventures to change the world.

Spitfire Final Flight - By DG Leigh

36 Spitfires are discovered buried deep in the Burmese jungle, a retired RAF test pilot helps to steal one.

Child of Satan - By Kevin Laymon

Victor Morgof, a feral vampire, is subject to the chaos of eternal damnation.

A Tremendous a Lot - By Jordan Dickerson

Short stories about life with characters who grasp for love, search for purpose, and strive to stay alive.