Grumps - By Glyn Davies

Arthur Pickering. Formerly an army man, he is now dedicated to being a school crossing "lollypop" patrolman. Arthur's strong dislike of motorist’s bad manners and yobs is tempered by the love of his job as he continues his crusade against modern society. 

Honey Bear Adventures: The Quest for Perfect Honey - By John Paul 

The little honey bear Bobo goes on a journey to find the perfect honey.

Gone with the Wind - By Rodney Evans

All  the adults are gone from the town and all the kids have huge secret.

A Little Angel Starts Out - By Catherine Farrar 

A little angel, goes through his memories of creation. How it came out of nothing and how God did not forget anything even the little ants in the high cathedral rafters. But he is only little, and naïve, and inexperienced, and very nervous about what lies before him and his journey alone through the universe, and if he could take his trumpet - surely?

Stand Alone Son - By David Murimi

A short storybook targeting kids and young adults teaching about the importance of integrity and courage. Learn more about Simba and his journey to Kingship!

The Little Angel Ventures Through Deep Space - By Ruth Finnegan

The little angel, on his way to carry out his scary “very responsible” tasks on earth now he has his certification, meets terrifying adventures in space. Would he, could he ever get to earth? Or just have to return useless, his record book empty, to heaven to face the Archangels, and, worse, his darling little sister - ohhh!

Phartman - By Glyn Davies

An spaceman with an unusual ability, lands in a farmers field to collect cabbages as fuel for his spaceship. Charlie, a local police sergeant, battles to keep a hapless but nosey newspaper reporter away from the space visitor to protect Phartman and his innocent outlook on life.

Pearl of the Wind - By Ruth Finnegan 

It’s all about love - again. She runs away from him into the Donegal wind, then finds she has to seek him, afraid and alone. This newest volume in the remarkable Kate Pearl series recycles the same mythic story as in earlier novels (The Black Inked Pearl, this time told from the perspective of the fleeting flighting breathing wind, the soul, the butterfly-psyche. 

Case of the Plucked Chicken 

- By Rodney Evans 

A hilarious lesson on courage and responsibility with a sheriff who must man-up before everyone catches chick-a-lunacy!

Safia the Unloved Lady - By Ruth Finnegan

No one loved artistic-longing little Safia. Even her parents thrust her away from the listed-for piano, then ignored and belittled her. Unloved her. But she was determined. Could she, in the end...?

Surprise - By Robert James Karpie

Inspiration for children and parents. The simple joys of life—fun, nature, fishing, horsing around, & worms, which leads to the ultimate surprise, Oouey makes the world a better place! 

A White Christmas Magic with Princess Angelina and the Gang! 

- By AJ Elizabeth Berkshireton 

A heartwarming bedtime stories for kids about a cat lover and friendship. A Christmas story for everyone.

Santa's Disastrous Delivery - By Glyn Davies

The chaos surrounding a bumbling Santa.

Sophia: The Highly Favoured Lady - By Ruth Finnegan

Queen Sophia has to submit to her conqueror, King Francis, to save her people from slaughter. She falls passionately in love with him—and he with her. But after just one night together, he gives her away to his son, Corin. Before Sophia can win Corin's love, she has to free him from his demons—only then can they fully love. An intriguing tale of love and sacrifice. 

Magical Constabulary 

- By Elmon Dean Todd

Mythical creatures roam freely and magic flows wildly. 

Trevor the Tractor - By Glyn Davies

A self-important tractor comes to terms with being on a farm instead of being in a nice shiny tractor showroom.

The Noodle Vision TV Show: Episode One 

- By: Elamandor Soso

The show that watches you... broadcast live from your imagination.

Santa Returns - By Glyn Davies 

After his chaotic night delivering presents, Santa returns home where after inhaling some dirty stardust, he turns his wife’s immaculate home, as well as the surrounding area into a disaster zone.