Science Fiction


Volper. LitRPG Series: Alpha Rome 1 - By Ros Per 

A former soldier signs a contract with a company that has developed a fully immersive virtual world. Project Alpha Rome is a multi-level city plagued by endless wars between humans and mutants. You can play as either species. The best argument in favor of living here is the firepower and the reflexes of your weapons. His attentive and reflective attitude to his surroundings prompts him to ask more and more questions about the purpose of the project. Why has Alpha Rome REALLY been created?

Saving Apo11o - By Thomas Volz 

This short work of fiction details the Soviet efforts to thwart the first American moon landing and safe return of the astronauts, as well as the countermeasures employed by the US.

Real-Time Starcommander 

By Tracy Gregory 

A  gamer becomes a Starship Commander. 

The Data Collectors - By: Danielle Palli

The Data Collectors were sent here to collect and report back information about us. 

The Sleeping Phoenix 

- By ishKiia Paige

An epic science-fiction fantasy.

i-Symbiote– By M.J. Hall 

In a time when anyone can be a technopath, he who controls data controls it all.

The Lightbulb Gardener 

- By Quendrith Johnson 

Historic timelines and inventions including time machines!

Level Up, Kaiju!: A LitRPG Adventure - By Tracy Gregory

Giant monsters are attacking, no city is safe! When Drakon, king of the Kaiju, attacked his home, Eric’s life changed forever. With buildings crumbling around him and giant monsters battling for dominance, he thought he was a dead man. Saved by the sacrifice of another, Eric inherits a rare and powerful gift - the ability to transform into a Kaiju. 

Time Leap 1 - By Steve Howrie 

Joe Cooper, his partner, Niki and a Russian hit-man, embark on adventures to change the world.