Biographies & Memoirs


- By Tony Barnes, Richard Elias & Peter Walsh

Elite Predators - By Shaun Attwood 

Lord Mountbatten granted Jimmy Saville access to the highest levels of the royal family. Ghislaine Maxwell procured teenage girls for Jeffrey Epstein and his pals. Their connections included the most powerful people in the world, ranging from royal family members such as Prince Andrew to former presidents including Bill Clinton. This audiobook reveals the harrowing truth of elite child molesters and the calculated methods they employ to conceal their horrific activities, which often span decades.

Life After Death:  A Guardsman's Tale 

- By James Paul Watson

Stories from Northern Ireland, the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo & Iraq, life before & after the army.

Who Killed Epstein? Prince Andrew or Bill Clinton? - By Shaun Attwood

Virginia Giuffre alleged that Epstein ordered her to have sex with Prince Andrew three times, including in an orgy on the pedophile island. On the Lolita Express, Bill Clinton was photographed with Epstein’s “sex slaves”. Both men denied any knowledge of his crimes. 

The Krays’ Final Years - By Steve Wraith & Stuart Wheatman

Ron and Reg Kray became the most feared gangsters in London. While locked up, they received letters from a schoolboy from Tyneside, Steve Wraith, who had grown fascinated by their story. Eventually, Steve visited them in prison and a friendship formed. The Twins hired kim as an unofficial advisor. Steve documents Ron’s time in Broadmoor, where he was battling insanity and details visiting Reg, in a variety of prisons, where the gangster was treated with respect by the staff and inmates. 

Flying Forwards, Facing Backwards: Captivating Tales from a Vulcan and Nimrod Air Electronics Officer - By Jim Walls

Jim Walls guides you through his forty-year RAF career and his life as an air electronics officer who flew in Nimrods and Vulcans in the fight against enemy forces. 

Paul Massey: A Salford Heart 

- By Kelly Massey, Steve Wraith & Jack W Gregory

Paul Massey was gunned down on his doorstep on the July 26, 2015. This book is a frank and honest account of Paul’s life, and paints a colourful picture of the loveable family man from Salford. 

Northern Warrior - By Richy Horsley

Growing up in Hartlepool with a passion for punk music, a liking for boxing, and a reputation for fighting - Richy would find himself in many situations with some infamous faces, such as prison icon Paul Sykes and Tyneside’s Viv Graham and his big fight with the notorious prisoner Charles Bronson. ABA boxer, unlicensed boxer, bare-knuckle fighter, street fighter - Richy was all of these. Northern Warrior is the true story of a modern-day gladiator. 

A Very South Bank Story - By Jamie Boyle & Paul Venis

You may have read Newcastle and Middlesbrough accounts of Lee Duffy; now, for the first time, Paul Venis the actor is set to play Lee in the upcoming Sayers' film. In this audiobook, he speaks on behalf of the South Bank community about their most infamous son. It also includes Paul's own remarkable story.

Operation Sayers – By Steve Wraith

Operation Sayers takes a detailed look at the notorious Sayers brothers' rise to the top of the criminal ladder on the backstreets of Newcastle’s West End and the authorities' attempts to bring them crashing back down to earth by any means necessary.

The Altar Boy: Paddy Moloney - By Patrick Moloney & Jamie Boyle

Tales from the estates of Middlesbrough over the last 50 years.... These are the memoirs of Paddy Moloney's very colourful life. From a two up two down in Cannon Street to Grovehill and the luxury of an inside lav!  Going from a "quiet lad" at St Joseph's to his first spell in borstal. This is a brutally honest account of Paddy's journey from an Altar boy to a Criminal.

Brian Cockerill & Lee Duffy: The Taxmen of Teesside 

– By Brian Cockerill, Emma Cockerill & Steve Wraith

Brian Cockerill and Lee Duffy were individually forces to be reckoned with. But the day they decided to team up, they became unstoppable.  This is the true story of the Taxmen of Teesside, the only book with input from members of the Duffy family.

Gaol Hawk: Forged in Sheffield - By Rob Brenton 

Clyde Broughton had an early start in petty crime that led to time at Borstal, football trials at "Wednesday", and an apprenticeship in crime with the notorious Dave Lee. Robbery with violence, burglary. Run-ins with his arch nemeses in the CID and the infamous Judge Pickles eventually resulted in a hefty sentence behind bars. Clyde travel through the UK prison system, where he meets some of the country’s most revered faces.

Hartlepool Born & Bred: Mick Sorby – By Jamie Boyle

Jamie went from a brutal upbringing where he was constantly beaten by a sadistic father, to finding his ideal job as a teenage bouncer. There's fights galore, shootings, and prison sentences in the Mick Sorby story. This fighting man is also a loyal friend and loving family man who is currently enduring the biggest fight of his life against terminal cancer. 

Gang War - By Peter Walsh

For more than 20 years, the most intense gang war in British history raged on the streets of Manchester. Warring factions left at least 40 dead. This best-selling account tells how vicious battles for control of drugs, turf, and protection rackets blighted the reputation of one of Europe's most dynamic cities and saw the coining of the sinister epithet "Gunchester".