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- Morgan Hobbes,

Dance with Death - By Jack Cartwright

The death of a colleague spells change and opportunity for DI Bloom and her team. Grief is cut short when the body of a woman is discovered in a farmer’s field. Myra Dicks, a university lecturer and driving force behind the Cultural Heritage Society, had just six months left until she retired. When the investigation uncovers the real Myra Dicks, they discover a side of her that casts suspicion on a single person–a man who understands exactly how to get away with murder. With the death of their friend in mind, DI Bloom and her team push forward, hoping to close the investigation down so they can mourn their loss. But when a second body is discovered, the game changes. More than one person might have wanted Myra dead, so the time for grief will have to wait. 

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The Data Collectors Trilogy - By Danielle Palli 

A journey from Earth to earthlike worlds, where a battle ensues.