Science & Engineering

In the Name of Sharks - By François Sarano

This book breaks through the barrier of prejudice and pays homage to sharks true nature. Representing a last vestige of wildness, their populations are nevertheless under threat—like so many species, they have been hunted and exploited by humans. Sarano argues for a change of mindset in which we lose ourselves in the world of the other, so that each living entity, human and non-human, can take their rightful place in the broader global ecosystem.

The Projected Multiverse - By David Lane 

How virtual reality technology is a progressive tool for understanding the mystery of consciousness.

The Jewel Box - By TimBlackburn

Every morning, ecologist Tim Blackburn is inspired by the diversity contained within the moth trap he runs on the roof of his London flat. With names like the Dingy Footman, Jersey Tiger, Pale Mottled Willow, and Uncertain, and at least 140,000 identified species, moths are fascinating in their own right.

The Bell’s Book - By William K. Lawrence 

If you woke up with a broken smile and a twisted face. This book is a guide to getting through it.

Flying Forwards, Facing Backwards - By Jim Walls

Jim Walls guides you through his forty-year RAF career that started as a Boy Entrant at RAF Cosford, then as an air radar tradesman, before specializing as an air electronics operator (AEOp) in the Nimrod MR1, and later as an air electronics officer (AEO) who flew in Nimrod R1s and Vulcan B2s. 

Grass Miracle from the Earth - By David Campbell Callender

We see grass everyday, tread on it, maybe handle, smell, or plant it. But how many of us notice it - let alone appreciate its amazing presence and resilience, and the way it someway holds our planet together? It’s everywhere, the amazing secret mystery, too little known, that we so seldom recognise. 

Born of Ice and Fire - By Graham Shields

More than half a billion years ago, our world was completely covered by glaciers, a "Snowball Earth" that persisted for millions of years. Incredibly, this unimaginable cold led to the remarkable diversification of life on earth known as the Cambrian explosion. With a geologist's eye and a knack for storytelling, Graham Shields explores when and how such inhospitable conditions enabled animals to evolve, radiate, and diversify into our earliest ancestors.