Stanford Tuck: Hero of the Battle of Britain - By Helen Doe

In 1942 Bob Tuck was the top-scoring British fighter ace. His legendary prowess grew and he was posted to command a leaderless and demoralised squadron. He continued to prove he was an outstanding fighter ace, gaining the rare distinction of three DFCs and then the DSO for his leadership. He was shot down over France in January 1942. In January 1944 however, around twenty POWs, including Tuck, were purged to a new camp. Still determined to escape, Tuck and a Polish officer took a risky chance and made their way east to Russian forces and then to England.

Life After Death: A Guardsman's Tale 

- By James Paul Watson

Northern Ireland, the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo & Iraq.

Elite Predators - By Shaun Attwood 

Lord Mountbatten granted Jimmy Saville access to the highest levels of the royal family. Ghislaine Maxwell procured teenage girls for Jeffrey Epstein and his pals. Their connections included the most powerful people in the world, ranging from royal family members such as Prince Andrew to former presidents including Bill Clinton. This audiobook reveals the harrowing truth of elite child molesters and the calculated methods they employ to conceal their horrific activities, which often span decades.


- By Tony Barnes, Richard Elias & Peter Walsh

The Krays’ Final Years - By Steve Wraith & Stuart Wheatman

Ron and Reg Kray became the most feared gangsters in London. While locked up, they received letters from a schoolboy from Tyneside, Steve Wraith, who had grown fascinated by their story. Eventually, Steve visited them in prison and a friendship formed. The Twins hired kim as an unofficial advisor. Steve documents Ron’s time in Broadmoor, where he was battling insanity and details visiting Reg, in a variety of prisons, where the gangster was treated with respect by the staff and inmates.

Every Day Calendar of Baseball Trivia 

- By Gary Adkins 

Trivia question for every day of the year, with answers following. This book lists facts and fun trivia questions for every MLB franchise.

Mixed Blessings - By John Broughton

Mierce, the English Midlands, 8th Century A.D., Æthelbald, King of Mierce, is a man of ambition. He aspires to take the surrounding kingdoms to expand and fortify his own. The quest for power is not King Æthelbald’s only passion in life. He has an insatiable lust for women and takes advantage of his position to "raid" nunneries to satisfy his desires. 

Gang War – By Peter Walsh

For more than 20 years, the most intense and prolonged gang war in British history raged on the streets of Manchester. It left at least 40 dead. This best-selling account tells how vicious battles for control of drugs, turf, and protection rackets blighted the reputation of one of Europe's most dynamic cities and saw the coining of the sinister epithet "Gunchester". 

Flying Forwards, Facing Backwards - By Jim Walls 

This book showcases the vital role that  air electronics officers held and the importance of radar and electronic warfare in the fight against enemy forces. It is also a tribute to the much-loved Cold War icons, the Nimrod and the Vulcan. This book will appeal to Cold War enthusiasts and fans of the iconic jets of that era.

Chronicles of the Past - By History Nerds

These are History Nerds best-sellers from world history, Celtic heroes and legends, and great wars of the world in this one exciting volume. This anthology is a meticulously curated collection that transcends the boundaries of time and space, allowing you to traverse the globe and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of human civilisation.

The House of Beaufort - By Nathen Amin 

The Wars of the Roses were a tumultuous period in English history, with family fighting family over the greatest prize in the kingdom—the throne of England. But what gave the victor, Henry Tudor, the right to claim the crown? What made his Beaufort mother the great heiress of medieval England, and how did an illegitimate line come to challenge the English monarchy?

The History of Scotland - By History Nerds & Alastar MacTire 

From mankind’s earliest footsteps, to the dawn of ethnicities, and all the way to the great migrations of nomads, the landscapes of Scotland were slowly shaped into a the nation that we know today. It was a rocky road: The Scottish people are admired for their strong love of freedom and their long struggle to attain it.