Elite Predators - By Shaun Attwood

In 1966, Lord Mountbatten granted Jimmy Saville access to the highest levels of the royal family. What did they have in common? They used their prestige to abuse vulnerable minors while relying on their power and establishment connections to remain untouchable. In 2022, Ghislaine Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years in prison after she had procured teenage girls for Jeffrey Epstein and his predator pals. Their connections included the most powerful people in the world, ranging from royal family members such as Prince Andrew to former presidents including Bill Clinton. This audiobook reveals the harrowing truth of elite child molesters and the calculated methods they employ to conceal their horrific activities, which often span decades.

The Lost King of England - By R. J. Batchelor

Why Charles III Should Not Be King!

The Krays’ Final Years - By Steve Wraith & Stuart Wheatman

Britain's most notorious twins – Ron and Reg Kray – rose through the ranks of the underworld to become the most feared and legendary gangsters in London. While incarcerated, they received letters from a schoolboy from Tyneside, Steve Wraith, who had grown fascinated by their story. Eventually, Steve visited them in prison and a friendship formed. The Twins hired Steve as an unofficial advisor, which brought him close to more members of the crime family. Steve documents Ron’s time in Broadmoor – a high-security psychiatric hospital – where he was battling insanity and heavily medicated. Steve details visiting Reg, who served almost 30 years in a variety of prisons, where the gangster was treated with the utmost respect by the staff and the inmates.

Life After Death: A Guardsman's Tale - By James Paul Watson

Stories from Northern Ireland, the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo & Iraq and life before and after the army.

The History of Scotland - By History Nerds & Alastar MacTire

Through the glens and along the lochs, beyond forests and windswept isles, the Scottish people endured the many tests of time. The proud nation of Scotland definitely has plenty to boast about—its history is long and tumultuous, filled with a fight for freedom and undefeatable Gaelic identity. From mankind’s earliest footsteps, to the dawn of ethnicities, and all the way to the great migrations of nomads, the mountainous landscapes of Scotland were slowly shaped into a distinct nation that we know and love today. It was a rocky road, without a doubt: The Scottish people are admired for their strong love of freedom and their very long struggle to attain it. And in spite of it all, the Scottish people fiercely clung to their identity, pulling it with them through the ages.

Spitfire Final Flight - By DG Leigh

36 Spitfires are discovered buried deep within the Burmese jungle, a retired RAF test pilot helps to steal one.

Mixed Blessings - By John Broughton

Mierce, the English Midlands, 8th Century A.D., Æthelbald, King of Mierce, is a man of ambition. Having created much-needed stability within his domain, he now aspires to take the surrounding kingdoms to expand and fortify his own. Stealthy and cunning, Æthelbald manipulates other men of power to achieve his goals. The quest for power is not King Æthelbald’s only passion in life. He has an insatiable lust for women and takes advantage of his position to "raid" nunneries to satisfy his desires. As Æthelbald’s reign grows and strengthens, so too does the authority of the church, whose leverage over monarchical matters becomes increasingly overbearing. The church does not approve of King Æthelbald’s exploits with innocent women and seeks to bring him into line.

Gang War – By Peter Walsh

For more than 20 years, the most intense and prolonged gang war in British history raged on the streets of Manchester. Warring factions left at least 40 dead and made headlines across the world. This best-selling account tells how vicious battles for control of drugs, turf, and protection rackets blighted the reputation of one of Europe's most dynamic cities and saw the coining of the sinister epithet "Gunchester". By acclaimed investigative author Peter Walsh, Gang War is a powerful and disturbing account of an extraordinary crime phenomenon.