The Eternal Dungeon - By Tracy Gregory 

Jackson is snatched from his home via a magic portal and dumped into The Eternal Dungeon. Gathering a group of strange friends around him Jackson must delve deeper into the dungeon, braving terrifying beasts and battling towering bosses, hoping he can somehow find a way home.

Ann's Tale - By Steve E Farley

Ann’s life is horrible until Thomas Royce arrives at Red Castle, he is working with Ann’s master to prepare for war. Thomas will try and help Ann to achieve her freedom. Her freedom will come with a price that affects everyone.

The Neo War - By D Lucas 

Peace brings us together. It is a concept that is spread around the land and around the world, a concept that can be destroyed in mere moments. Wars have begun over many different things - love, betrayal, ego, the need to create an immortal legacy. This is the story of the great war of Madra, and this war begun over - a horse race!

We the People: A Kingdom Building LitRPG - By Tracy Gregory 

A con man wakes up in a new world of magic and monsters! 

The Ashen Prophecy - By Michael A. Morea 

Magnus, Kera, and a mercenary outfit grapple with an ancient prophecy to stop a vengeful power.

The Royal Factions - By W.J. May 

Elise is ripped from her home and taken to the royal palace. Is her life is over or has it just begun?

The Crimson Gods- By Chris M. Christian 

When powerful siblings discover a terrifying truth, will they embrace a new destiny or turn to darkness? 

Goblin Summoner; LitRPG Series, - By Tracy Gregory

Gareth is dropped into a world where sorcerers draw magical power from a deck of cards summoning monsters and flinging spells, Gareth must adapt to having arcane power at his fingertips. It’s just a shame he’s found himself with the weakest cards around - goblins!