The Royal Factions - By W.J. May 

Elise is ripped from her home and taken to the royal palace. Is her life is over or has it just begun?

The Crimson Gods- By Chris M. Christian 

When powerful siblings discover a terrifying truth, will they embrace a new destiny or turn to darkness? 

The Neo War - By D Lucas 

Peace brings us together. It is a concept that is spread around the land and around the world, a concept that can be destroyed in mere moments. Wars have begun over many different things - love, betrayal, ego, the need to create an immortal legacy. This is the story of the great war of Madra, and this war begun over - a horse race!

Goblin Summoner, - By Tracy Gregory

Gareth is dropped into a world where sorcerers draw magical power from a deck of cards summoning monsters and flinging spells, Gareth must adapt to having arcane power at his fingertips. It’s just a shame he’s found himself with the weakest cards around - goblins! 

The Ashen Prophecy - By Michael A. Morea 

Magnus, Kera, and a mercenary outfit grapple with an ancient prophecy to stop a vengeful power.

We the People: A Kingdom Building LitRPG - By Tracy Gregory 

A con man wakes up in a new world of magic and monsters!