Religion & Spirituality


Wake Up Sleeping Church! - By Melinda Deir-Boyette

Award-winning author Melinda Deir-Boyette dedicates her audiobook to seekers of the truth and the light. Those who are sleeping in the Church of the Living God need to be awakened. Particularly those brainwashed and indoctrinated by false prophets in many institutional churches.

Whispers of Judas - By Redwriter 

Cianneh Taylor finally agrees to date Kofi Odea. Little does she know he’s been chaste for eight years.

How to Conquer Your Mind and Body - By Michael Burgess

With governments around the world imposing lockdowns more frequently due to new strains of the variant popping up, it leaves one to question: How does one cope with these changes mentally? This audiobook covers a summarized version of the practices recommended by professionals on how to deal with our minds during these tough times.

The Book of Nothing - By Fred Davis

The Book of Nothing is a large gathering of quotes and questions that were painstakingly pulled from live satsangs by the late Gordon Goodman, MD. You can listen to one quote or question at a time, or all 624 of them one after the other. Do as you will: It's Your book! And it's my hope that You'll come to recognise this as You go through it. The Book of Nothing can be used as a morning meditation, or you can use it to take a dose of clarity as many times during the day or night as you want. Welcome to the living method of spiritual awakening.

Encrypted - By E. G. Menzies

There is nothing new under the sun and the epitome of every human concept has already been established. As we create and build in this world, we are subconsciously seeking to advance a model here, of what our spirit knows already exist. The audiobook discusses faith in a vivid, practical and comprehendible manner so compelling, it is hard not to see that one has a measure of faith and to feel encouraged to use it.

A Christian's Perspective on Purpose - By Joshua T. Komolafe 

The idea that our lives have meaning and unique paths which need to be discovered is off-putting for some, and a major source of inconvenience for others.  There has been a genuine struggle to apply spiritual directives to the physical nature of man - in a practical, digestible, and applicable manner.  There are certain indicators which if observed more closely, can reveal clues that are placed in and around the lives of every human being.