New Releases

Wake the Dead - Tracy Gregory

Bandit, duelist, hero--Jack had been many things in his life. When failure to stop a crazed cultist allowed eldritch nightmares to attack his home, Jack escaped with as many people as he could save, even though it meant leaving a friend. Now Jack’s come back to right that wrong and find out what happened to his home, a place where warlords, monsters, and cosmic terrors now battle for dominance. Thrown into a post-apocalyptic kingdom he blames himself for creating, Jack will come face-to-face with true darkness. To survive, Jack will need to increase his level and master the magical deck of cards that grant him his powers. New allies and new adventures await in the ruins of the ancient city.

A Comedic Summary of John Baldoni's 'Moxie'

- By: Tobo Leadership

I figured this book would depict a guy in a fedora with a cigar in his hand who fast talks like a stereotypical 1920s gangster, “Yeah see, those coppers will never finger me, see, I got moxie, see. You stool pigeons are making Rocky mad, see, so beat it bozo, or it will be curtains for you, see.” Alas, I was mistaken. It is a simple acronym. MOXIE is an acronym that stands for (spoiler alert!) Mindfulness, Opportunity, X-factor, Innovation, Engagement.

Never to Return - By Jack Cartwright

When the body of a teenage boy is found in the River Witham, it falls to DI Freya Bloom and her team to raise the truth from the depths. The boy, nicknamed Simple Simon, was a troubled soul. But when Bloom digs deeper into Simon’s life, she discovers that not only was he the victim of a viscous cyber bullying attack, but also suffered sexual abuse. Was his death a shocking teenage suicide, or does somebody have a terrible secret to hide? With four potential suspects in the firing line, and guilt in every one of their eyes, Bloom must make some difficult choices. But as the investigation progresses, one thing becomes abundantly clear—Simple Simon wasn’t as simple as everybody thought. In fact, he was smarter than them all.

The Lost King of England - By R. J. Batchelor

Why Charles III should not be king!

Girls Like Us! - By: Anike Bay

This is a lesbian drama about a female attorney named Keisha, who is intimately involved in a relationship with a female author named Zoi’ and a male gynecologist named Greg. Keisha has been able to keep her idiosyncrasies hidden from her family and friends for months, but now her secret affair with Zoi’ is creeping to the forefront. Keisha is feeling pressured by Zoi’ to end her relationship with Greg and equally pressured by Greg to get married now. She has finally realized that she must choose between the love of her life, Zoi, and the politically correct life with Greg she is supposed to live.

Cocky - By Tony Barnes, Richard Elias & Peter Walsh

Curtis Warren is an underworld legend, the Liverpool scally who sold narcotics around the world.