New Releases

A Fool's Errand - By D.R. Bailey

Flying Officer Angus Mackennelly and the rest of "Maverick" Squadron 696 are engaged in tactics to lure the Luftwaffe into battle. But Angus has grave misgivings about the orders he has been given, which are justified when he loses a brand-new pilot on their first incursion. While they risk their lives fighting a deadly foe, could the real threat be coming from an enemy within? Are the Spitfire Mavericks being targeted by someone who is supposed to be on their side . . . ?

The Eternal Dungeon - By Tracy Gregory 

Jackson is snatched from his home via a magic portal and dumped into The Eternal Dungeon. Gathering a group of strange friends around him Jackson must delve deeper into the dungeon, braving terrifying beasts and battling towering bosses, hoping he can somehow find a way home. 

Professor Problems - By Merry Farmer 

His family means everything to him…but could Jamie mean just as much? How can he choose?

Every Day Calendar of Baseball Trivia

 - By Gary Adkins 

Trivia question for every day of the year, with answers following. This book lists facts and fun trivia questions for every MLB franchise.

The Hybrid War. LitRPG Series: Alpha Rome 4 - By Ros Per 

What began as a normal game for a retired veteran has started acquiring features of murderous reality. The only thing left on the table is war: by any methods, any means, using all available resources and sparing no thought for his life or the lives or his squad. They must destroy the false government so that the true Heart of Alpha Rome will shine again, meaning that humanity is once again on the path of salvation, not self-destruction. It's a goal worth risking everything for, even starting a war unlike any ever seen before... the Hybrid War.

Braided Dimensions - By Marie Judson

Kay is transported to a medieval world where she discovers she can dance, sing, and understand their arcane tongue. But when dawn comes, she returns to her own time still holding a silver pendant that connects her to Baird. Will she ever see him again? 

A Secret to Die For - By Jack Cartwright 

The way that Hugo Garfield died is beyond suspicious - hanging from a chandelier in his sprawling Lincolnshire country estate. As DCI Cook and his team delve into the victim's dark and twisted past, it soon becomes clear that not only did Hugo Garfield have more than a few enemies, but the motive for his murder could lie buried deep in the past. For Cook and his team, this is no ordinary investigation, but for those who knew Hugo Garfield, his death marks the promise of a truth that nobody can bear to hear.

The Two Presidents - By Joseph Boro

What if the U.S had the atomic bomb at the beginning of World War II, and knew what was to come? 

History unravels and changes due to this knowledge.

Stanford Tuck: Hero of the Battle of Britain - By Helen Doe

In 1942 Bob Tuck was the top-scoring British fighter ace. His legendary prowess grew and he was posted to command a leaderless and demoralised squadron. He continued to prove he was an outstanding fighter ace, gaining the rare distinction of three DFCs and then the DSO for his leadership. He was shot down over France in January 1942. In January 1944 however, around twenty POWs, including Tuck, were purged to a new camp. Still determined to escape, Tuck and a Polish officer took a risky chance and made their way east to Russian forces and then to England.