New Releases

Into Death's Arms - By Jack Cartwright 

A retired couple venture out for an early morning dog walk in a picturesque Lincolnshire village. The husband keeps his inner-most thoughts to himself. The wife, however, has something to tell him – a secret that is about to change their lives forever!

The Pull of Hunger - By Matt Cricchio

A struggling Afghan farmer's infant son's health is at stake. With no options left, he's forced to enter the murky realm of espionage, aligning himself with an American spy. 

The Eternal Dungeon - By Tracy Gregory 

The Eternal Dungeon is an endless labyrinth of tunnels and rooms. With death awaiting through every door the dungeon needs new inhabitants to feed its hunger. Jackson is snatched from his home via magic portal and dumped into the dungeon's dank halls. Gathering a group of strange friends around him Jackson must delve deeper into the dungeon, braving terrifying beasts and battling towering bosses, hoping he can somehow find a way home. A way to escape the Eternal Dungeon.

A Journey Far: Ibere: Beginnings 

- By AJ Sam

Despite the odds stacked against him, this African American not only survived, but thrived during his journey through 19th century America.

Braided Dimensions - By Marie Judson

Kay is transported to a medieval world. She meets Baird, a handsome stranger who claims to know her spirit, and Duff, a burly friend who welcomes her as Kyna, as long-lost kin. Kay joins them in a festive celebration of the Celtic New Year, where she discovers she can dance, sing, and understand their arcane tongue. But when dawn comes, she returns to her own time still holding a silver pendant that connects her to Baird. Will she ever see him again? And who is Kyna, the woman she resembles?


- By Warren Martin

Billionaire Breakdowns - By Merry Farmer 

When a wounded billionaire is forced to rely on a physical therapist with a chip on his shoulder, sparks will fly. Two angry men who love to tear each other apart, triumphs and setbacks, a mountain that can’t be climbed alone, and the nearly two-hundred-year-old organisation known as The Brotherhood. 

Every Day Calendar of Baseball Trivia - By Gary Adkins 

Trivia question for every day of the year, with answers following. This book lists facts and fun trivia questions for every MLB franchise, including coverage of most of the biggest trades in baseball annals. Dates are marked for other important events in the sport’s history, such as perfect games and World Series title-winning games.

Level Zero. LitRPG Series: Alpha Rome 3 - By Ros Per

Elderly military veteran Volper had no idea what to expect when he entered the virtual world of Alpha Rome. But he now realizes that it’s not a game, after all. The number of times you can respawn by replicating in special capsules is limited and might one day run out.

The Two Presidents - By Joseph Boro

What if the U.S had the atomic bomb at the beginning of World War II, and knew what was to come? 

History unravels and changes due to this knowledge.