New Releases

Dance with Death - By Jack Cartwright

The death of a colleague spells change and opportunity for DI Bloom and her team. Grief is cut short when the body of a woman is discovered in a farmer’s field. Myra Dicks, a university lecturer and driving force behind the Cultural Heritage Society, had just six months left until she retired. When the investigation uncovers the real Myra Dicks, they discover a side of her that casts suspicion on a single person–a man who understands exactly how to get away with murder. With the death of their friend in mind, DI Bloom and her team push forward, hoping to close the investigation down so they can mourn their loss. But when a second body is discovered, the game changes. More than one person might have wanted Myra dead, so the time for grief will have to wait. 

The Data Collectors Trilogy - By Danielle Palli

A journey from Earth to earthlike worlds, where a battle ensues. 

The Muted Swan - By Michel Prince

Once upon a time, Elsa Swanson lived a charmed life with her six brothers. When her father remarries, the children meet their stepmother and discover witches exist. A curse took her brothers from her. Duke King is a med student with an empire being handed to him. When his father chooses to extend their property to an untouched forest, they discover a woman living alone who only communicates with her eyes and gentle touches. The aspiring doctor first sees a patient, but as each day passes, he falls in love with the determined woman.  Elsa had forgotten the touch of another and had never known the feel of a man. So close to saving her brothers, the witch has returned now and is using manipulation to make Duke question Elsa’s sanity. Can Elsa stay true to her brothers or will her growing desires to know Duke cause her to break her vows?

Magical Constabulary - By Elmon Dean Todd

In the underworld of the Isle of Man, mythical creatures roam freely and magic flows wildly. 

Girls Like Us! Season 2 - By Anike Bay

This is an upbeat lesbian romance drama sequel to Girls Like Us! Season 1. It continues to showcase Zoi’ and Keisha's deep love and affection for one another, even though they are now separated. Zoi and AJ (Keisha’s sister) are best friends that had a falling out because Zoi’ had an affair with Keisha without AJ’s knowledge, but make amends just in time to comfort Keisha after she is brutally sexually abused by her drug addled, but politically connected and rich girlfriend Kinnock, aka Shannon Payne. The title of the opening episode “Joy and Pain” (by Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly) shows exactly how easy it is to experience both feelings at the same time while involved in a relationship with that special someone whom you love.

Real-Time Starcommander – By Tracy Gregory 

Can Evan, an ordinary earth-bound human go from being a gamer to being a starship commander? 

Each to His Own - By Peter Rimmer

The 1950s are in full swing, and for some, World War II is just a grim memory. From the silken boudoirs of Hong Kong to the glitzy theatre palaces of New York, Each to His Own weaves historical fact and fiction into a memorizing tapestry. Fans of Ken Follett, James Michener, and Wilbur Smith won’t want to miss the next epic chapter in the Beaumont saga.

The Willows - By Algernon Blackwood

A classic horror story that begins with a hair-raising "Canadian canoe" trip down the flooded Danube.

Parenting the Right Way - By DJ Janvier 

Do you wish you could model confidence and self-assurance for your kids, but don’t know where to start? When parents have been raised in a society that glosses over tough issues, how are they supposed to teach their children to be authentic in daily routines and connections with other people? Approaching uncomfortable family problems can cause resistance and tension, taking a lifetime for families to recover. Get the elephant out of the room today by learning techniques to build more communicative and satisfying connections with your children. By understanding parenting styles and communication methods, parents can stop simply hoping their children will listen to their words and start experiencing the quality relationship that they desire. 

Santa's Disastrous Delivery - By Glyn Davies

The chaos surrounding a bumbling Santa as he tries to deliver presents to a remote house. 

The NoodleVision TV Show: Episode One - By: Elamandor Soso

The show that watches you... broadcast live from your imagination.