Santa Returns - By Glyn Davies 

After his chaotic night delivering presents, Santa returns home where after inhaling some dirty stardust, he turns his wife’s immaculate home, as well as the surrounding area into a disaster zone.

Case of the Plucked Chicken 

- By Rodney Evans 

A hilarious lesson on courage and responsibility with a sheriff who must man-up before everyone catches chick-a-lunacy!

Phartman - By Glyn Davies

An spaceman with an unusual ability, lands in a farmers field to collect cabbages as fuel for his spaceship. Charlie, a local police sergeant, battles to keep a hapless but nosey newspaper reporter away from the space visitor to protect Phartman and his innocent outlook on life.

A Comedic Summary of... 

- By Tobo Leadership

Funny insightful commentaries on some of the most popular leadership books ever written.

Grumps - By Glyn Davies

Arthur Pickering. Formerly an army man, he is now dedicated to being a school crossing "lollypop" patrolman. Arthur's strong dislike of motorist’s bad manners and yobs is tempered by the love of his job as he continues his crusade against modern society. 

Trevor the Tractor - By Glyn Davies

A self-important tractor comes to terms with being on a farm instead of being in a nice shiny tractor showroom.